Voytek Soko, Mikolaj Adamczak and Milosz Galaj


TRE VOCI The Tenors are new generation artists filled with love for people and the world in which music rules beyond all divisions.


They are three individualities and three different voices united by one tremendous friendship.

This incredible mixture has resulted in the formation of a charismatic explosive cocktail, whose greatest asset is live performances. In their concerts they combine freely various styles of music. Their unique, well-tuned voices delight in the power of expression and vocal craftsmanship. They are as moving as amusing.

Talent, energy and proffesionalism


Each artist has his own operatic career, but they love singing together –  live concerts constitute a tempting challenge for them, even though they perform in a trio.

Yet, every time they stand on the stage together, magic happens. Audiences that have witnessed their concerts can testify to it. TRE VOCI have already performed in Chicago (Copernicus CENTER), Warsaw (the National Philharmonic, Mazovia Musical Theater,  National Stadium), Gdansk (The Polish Baltic Philharmonic, Baltic Opera House), Cracow (the Rose Alley), Czestochowa (Czestochowa Philharmonic Hall), Szczecin (the Castle Opera), Torun (the Artus Court), Przemysl (The Castle Cultural Center) and Krynica Zdroj among others.


Three voices.
Three individualities.
One friendship.